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About us
Polca Parts 
tel: +48 22/ 751 69 16
tel: +48 22/ 751 69 17
fax: +48 22/ 751 69 18

Polca Parts is a family company. We have been cooperating with the main manufactures and distributors of spare parts for LADA, SAMARA, NIVA. We have our customs warehouse in which we deposit the spare parts bought in Russia before their will be sent to Western and Central Europe both Americas, Asia and Africa.
We have been exporting products for more than 10 years. Our first partners we importers of VAZ automobiles from South America - companies like:  Motores Internacionales S.A , Quilin S.A.
Now a day we offer our products to clients from North and Latin America as well as from Western Europe, Africa and Asia. We propose products for traditional and new models of automobiles like Lada  Alfalina, Niva,  Chevrolet,  Kalina, etc. On this website   you may find pictures with some samples of our products
We realize the transatlantic deliveries within 20 days from the confirmation of the order based on FOB. The merchandise is sent   in containers and we ship it from the Polish harbor in Gdynia. Smaller parties in consolidation, from the German harbor Hamburg and small delivers by air, from Warsaw. To Western and Central Europe we deliver the merchandise also by land, after clearance custom as an internal UE delivery. 

Besides VAZ spare parts we offer original parts made in the Czech Republic for Skoda. Our costumers are located in Central America.
We also offer spare parts for the diesel engines “Andoria” made in Poland which are assemble in the jeep UAZ and Bus Lublin 3.  Our costumers for this product are located in South America and Western Europe.
In our offer an important position have also original spare parts for KAMAZ Trucks.

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